February 2020 - Harajuku Gyoza
    • Sumo Dude Food arrives March 5!

      Entering the ring is the new Sumo Dude Food Gyoza Range!

      What can you expect? All your Aussie food cravings wrapped up in crispy gyoza!

      We’re taking a classic Australian comfort food, Mac n Cheese, and giving it a very Harajuku Gyoza twist; the Mac n Cheese Gyoza is exactly as the name describes, a deep-fried Mac n Cheese filled gyoza drizzled with Frank Mayo and topped with Mac n Cheese chips. 

      Do we have your attention? Because, wait there is more! 

      You can also enjoy two other brand-new Sumo Dude Food Gyoza, the Pepperoni Pizza Gyoza complete with Pepperoni chips and Oregano, and the Buffalo Chicken Wing Gyoza with blue cheese sauce and celery stick. 

      To complete the Sumo Dude Food Gyoza range, you’ll also see two insta- famous Gyoza make a revival, the flaming grill Cheeseburger Gyoza and super-stretchy Mozzarella Gyoza. We’ll take one of each please. 

      The Sumo Dude Food Gyoza range will be on the menu at all Harajuku Gyoza locations from March 5th .

      But be quick, they will be here for a good time not a long time. 

      The Sumo Dude Food Gyoza range includes these yummy flavours:

      • Pepperoni Pizza Gyoza: A Gyoza filled with all the flavours of a pepperoni pizza sprinkled with Pepperoni chips and Oregano 
      • Buffalo Chicken Gyoza: A Gyoza filled with all the flavours of Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings served with Blue Cheese sauce and Celery sticks 
      • Mac N Cheese Gyoza: A crispy gyoza filled with Mac n Cheese drizzled with Frank Mayo and Mac n Cheese chips 
      • Mozzarella Gyoza: A mozzarella filled gyoza, deep fried and topped with Twisties Salt 
      • Cheeseburger Gyoza: A flame-grilled 100% grass fed beef burger with aged cheddar, onion, pickles, mustard and tomato sauce.
      Do you have a favourite?


      Click on your favourite Harajuku Gyoza location below to book in your next visit now!

      Darling Harbour, Broadbeach, Brisbane CBD, Southbank & Indooroopilly



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