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    • Halloween – It’s spooky time!

      Things are getting fun & spooky at all Queensland Harajuku Gyoza locations!
      Book in for lunch or dinner from Thursday 28th October until Sunday 31st for a little Halloween fun.

      Two girls carving pumpkins for halloween

      Halloween Dine and Sip banquet!
      Enjoy 90 min beverage package, plus all of the most popular dishes from our menu!
      Beverages included: Pale Ale, Lager & Cider, house wines, soft drinks
      All for just $59pp

      Get in costume & you could win!
      Join us for lunch or dinner in costume and share it on Instagram for your chance to win 1 of 5, $40 Harajuku Gyoza Vouchers! T&C’s apply see below.

      Competition T&Cs: Must be following @harajukugyoza and share the image using the hashtag #harajukugyoza to enter. Winners will be announced the following Monday 7th of November. Voucher collection details will be provided to the winners directly.

    • Winter Warmers Hello!

      Winter warmers have arrived and we have some great winter dishes coming your way! Keep reading to learn more!

      Bowl of Charcoal Karaage Chicken with a Cast iron pot of bubbling cheese

      Arriving from June 2 is the Charcoal Karaage with bubbling Cheese Fondue Pot!
      This super tasty new dish is our popular Karaage chicken with added charcoal in the coating served with a bubbling hot pot of cheese seasoned with a sprinkling of shichi-michi!

      Now available at all Harajuku Gyoza locations for $14 a serve!

      Book your visit to try the Charcoal Karaage Fondue now!

      What is Charcoal Karaage Fondue?

      Created by our kitchen team, our Charcoal Karaage Fondue is sure to be your favourite winter warmer in no time at all!
      Enjoy the delicious smell of shichi-michi seasoned bubbling cheese fondue as it arrives to your table. Stop and listen to the satisfying sound. Then pick up your chop sticks and dip the chicken in the pot of cheese! It’s so tasty you will keep going back for more and more, and that is okay! If you need to, order again, and again, until you are full like sumo.

      If you find yourself thirsty from all the Karaage chicken, order yourself a drink! Choose from Yoyogi Japanese craft beer, Yummy cocktails or tradition green tea (served hot or cold). If you choose craft beer, we suggest you try Yoyogi’s Pale Ale. It’s our most popular beer on tap, and it tastes good. If Pale Ale isn’t your favourite, try the lager or ask our team to try a different beer on tap. We have lots to choose from especially in our Beer stadium locations with the Yoyogi brewery onsite! Where else can you get fresh Japanese craft beer and fried chicken inside the brewery?

      We look forward to seeing your happy faces soon to try the new winter warmers here at Harajuku Gyoza!

    • 5 cute gyoza & sides that will look great on your Instagram feed!

      1. Limited edition Marshmallow Gyoza

      New super cute Marshmallow Gyoza

      Our new Marshmallow Gyoza first arrived on the menu April 1 2021. It is a crispy gyoza filled with pink or white marshmallow filling topped with even more marshmallows making it super cute and colourful. They are also served with a yummy housemade Nutella sauce. 
      Photo ideas: Try a Nutella dunk or pinch and stretch!

      2. Foot Long Fries

      3 trays of the cute and super popular Foot long fries

      The super popular Foot Long Fries are back after nearly a year off the menu! The mix, is carefully lowered into the fry oil and kept straight while cooking to create these loooong fries! Super fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside and drizzled with the popular Japanese-style mayonnaise. Don’t wait to try these, they won’t be around for long.

      Photo ideas: Hold up the longest chip against a beer or drink to show how long it is! Or take a boomerang of how many bites it takes to finish!

      3. Cheeseburger Gyoza

      Cute table spread with Cheeseburger gyoza in front.

      Our Cheeseburger gyoza are not only fun to look at, but they are also super yummy!
      Hand-filled with actual cheeseburger ingredients chopped up super small by our chefs. Try the Cheeseburger gyoza with Yoyogi’s Pale Ale beer! It’s super refreshing!
      Photo ideas: Try and hold one with chopsticks above the place!

      4. Mozzarella Gyoza

      Cute Mozzarella gyoza getting stretchy
      Picture by @asydneysider

      The Mozzarella Gyoza is a popular favourite! Crispy on the outside and super stretchy on the inside AND super yummy with the tomato relish! It’s also great for kids who aren’t used to Japanese flavours!
      Photo ideas: Stretch and pull as far as you can!

      5. Raindrop Cake

      Cute Raindrop cake sitting on a table

      The Raindrop cake is a super cute dessert! It is clear like a drop of rain and set with agar agar. It is served with traditional kinako powder (sesame powder) and brown sugar syrup.
      Photo ideas: Poke it to make it wobble! 

      Let’s get booking and try these cute gyoza!

      Dress to impress your Insta-followers, bring your friends and enjoy a fun, cute and Instagrammable Japanese feast at your favourite Harajuku Gyoza location! Tag us in your Instagram posts using #harajukugyoza @harajukugyoza to get featured in our stories! Click here to head to our Insta profile to follow us.

    • Marshmallow Gyoza! Photo competition! Kawaii!

      The Marshmallow gyoza is our newest and most kawaii (cute in Japanese) dessert joining the menu on April 1st at all Harajuku Gyoza locations!

      Mashmallow filled dumplings on a plate, served with a nutella sauce

      Its crispy fried gyoza outside and sweet marshmallow filling inside makes it super cute and perfect for your Instagram feed. Served in plates of five, these gyoza are topped with marshmallows, a light dusting of icing sugar, and a side of Nutella sauce for only $10!

      The Marshmallow gyoza joins the popular dessert menu with the yummy Nutella Gyoza, Salty Caramel Gyoza, and the Raindrop cake.  

      Three girls dressed in bright Harajuku style clothing looking at a dessert

      Instagram photo competition

      Want to win a $100 voucher? Take part in our Marshmallow gyoza photo competition!

      Simply order a plate of the new marshmallow gyoza and share your most creative picture/video of it on Instagram and tag @harajukugyoza.

      One lucky winner will be drawn at the end of April and announced on our Instagram stories and below. Entrants must be following our Instagram page to be eligible.

      Let’s get snapping! Gambatte! (good luck)

      We have recently extended our trading hours! Check your favourite locations trading hours online and book.

      Harajuku girl holding up a cute phone for the Instagram competition

      Let’s learn some new Japanese words!

      Kawaii (かわいい): An expression often used to say something is cute, tiny, childlike, or loveable. Think of tiny dogs, cute characters made in your coffee foam, or pretty desserts! Some companies in Japan will cute kawaii characters or mascots to help their business seem more approachable.

      Gambatte (がんばって): Used in a similar way to good luck, do your best and break a leg to wish someone well or encouragement.

      Irasshaimase (いらっしゃいませ): Used in hospitality and shops to welcome their customers/guests. It means welcome/ please come into our store. How do you feel when you’re welcomed this way?

      Korroke (コロッケ): A yummy croquette, originating from French cuisine! Made with vegetables and meats with mashed potato and deep-fried. Usually served with a small side of cabbage and a rich sauce. Interesting fact: It’s written in Katakana as it’s a word/item that originates outside of Japan.

    • Sumo Dude Food arrives March 5!

      Entering the ring is the new Sumo Dude Food Gyoza Range!

      What can you expect? All your Aussie food cravings wrapped up in crispy gyoza!

      We’re taking a classic Australian comfort food, Mac n Cheese, and giving it a very Harajuku Gyoza twist; the Mac n Cheese Gyoza is exactly as the name describes, a deep-fried Mac n Cheese filled gyoza drizzled with Frank Mayo and topped with Mac n Cheese chips. 

      Do we have your attention? Because, wait there is more! 

      You can also enjoy two other brand-new Sumo Dude Food Gyoza, the Pepperoni Pizza Gyoza complete with Pepperoni chips and Oregano, and the Buffalo Chicken Wing Gyoza with blue cheese sauce and celery stick. 

      To complete the Sumo Dude Food Gyoza range, you’ll also see two insta- famous Gyoza make a revival, the flaming grill Cheeseburger Gyoza and super-stretchy Mozzarella Gyoza. We’ll take one of each please. 

      The Sumo Dude Food Gyoza range will be on the menu at all Harajuku Gyoza locations from March 5th .

      But be quick, they will be here for a good time not a long time. 

      The Sumo Dude Food Gyoza range includes these yummy flavours:

      • Pepperoni Pizza Gyoza: A Gyoza filled with all the flavours of a pepperoni pizza sprinkled with Pepperoni chips and Oregano 
      • Buffalo Chicken Gyoza: A Gyoza filled with all the flavours of Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings served with Blue Cheese sauce and Celery sticks 
      • Mac N Cheese Gyoza: A crispy gyoza filled with Mac n Cheese drizzled with Frank Mayo and Mac n Cheese chips 
      • Mozzarella Gyoza: A mozzarella filled gyoza, deep fried and topped with Twisties Salt 
      • Cheeseburger Gyoza: A flame-grilled 100% grass fed beef burger with aged cheddar, onion, pickles, mustard and tomato sauce.
      Do you have a favourite?


      Click on your favourite Harajuku Gyoza location below to book in your next visit now!

      Darling Harbour, Broadbeach, Brisbane CBD, Southbank & Indooroopilly



    • NEW: Sake Cocktails in Kawaii Teapots!

      We want to be your favourite place for a ladies day out with our new range of Sake Cocktails! And they’re even served in Instagrammable glass teapots!

      Just between us, we can’t tell if we’re more excited about the Sake Cocktails or all the cute pictures everyone will be taking of their kawaii teapots!  Your favourite flavoured cocktails have been reinvented using Kizakura Sake.

      Fill your teapots with yummy cocktails like:

      • Lychee Saketini – not only fun to say, but made with delicious Lychee liqueur and Kizakura sake shaken and garnished with Lychee!
      • Midori Charm – A fun fruit cocktail with Midori, Lychee Liqueur and Kizakura sake
      • Watermelon Sour – Made with Kizakura sake, Watermelon Liqueur, Lemon and lime juice and served with a slice of watermelon.
      • Plum Spritz – This one isn’t made with sake but is a delicious mix of Japanese Plum Wine and Prosecco and is super refreshing!

      These cocktails are perfect for sharing as you get 4 serves in each kawaii teapot. So visit your favourite Harajuku Gyoza today and see if you can choose a favourite!

      Bookings recommended; however, walk-ins are welcome. Harajuku Gyoza hopes to be your favourite venue for cute cocktails very soon!

      Book your visit here!


      What is sake?

      According to, sake is an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. While each sake may vary slightly, the foundation ingredients are rice, clean water, koji mould and yeast.

      There are a wide range of different styles of sake, these can vary in terms of how the rice polished, if alcohol added, whether it’s cloudy, clear or sparkling.

      We stock a range of Kizakura sake at Harajuku Gyoza including Yamahai, Junmai, Nigori and Junmai Daiginjo. Try the brand new Coconut Nigori or the Matcha Nigori! Chat to our team about the stake we have in stock.  Enjoy our sake ritual, if you have ordered before, you know what we are talking about!

    • Hello! Hello! Emperor Gyoza Range!


      This spring there’s even more to love at Harajuku Gyoza!

      Say Konnichiwa to the new Emperor Gyoza range! Three never-seen-before gyoza, each packed with super fresh, local and gourmet ingredients that are so yum and fun, they’d even be fit for the Emperor himself!

      You can expect colourful garnished gyoza filled with fresh new flavours like Moreton Bay Bug with Wasabi Mayo, Charcoal and Hickory Smoked Beef Cheek with Dijon Mustard, and South-East Asian Pork Sausage with Fresh Chilli and Lime. We can’t choose a favourite, because they are all so yum and different! At $13 for a plate of five gyoza, you can to order one of each to share with your table!

      The Emperor gyoza range will be available from 5 pm every day. You will find the Emperor Gyoza only at Harajuku Gyoza South Bank, Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium Broadbeach and Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium Darling Harbour.

      To enjoy the new gyoza, we recommend making a booking online here, however, walk-ins are welcome. If the venue is busy, there may be a short wait to be seated for walk-ins.

      Emperor Gyoza Range


      Pictured is the new Emperor Gyoza, left to right.

      • South-East Asian Spiced Pork Sausage Gyoza, topped with Fresh Chilli & Herb Salad, Lime
      • Moreton Bay Bug, Chicken & Yuzu Kosho Gyoza, topped with Wasabi Mayonnaise, Smashed Prawn Crackers & Crispy Fried, Salted Nori
      • Charcoal & Hickory Smoked, Slow Cooked & Pulled Australian Beef Cheek Gyoza, topped with Dijon Mustard, Fried Parsnip Chips & Crispy Flat Leaf Parsley

      We enjoy seeing your food pictures online. Please share your Emperor Gyoza pictures with us by using #harajukugyoza on Facebook or Instagram. Get social with us and join the delicious conversation online.

      Bookings are recommended. Please book here.

      The Emperor Gyoza Range was created by Executive Chef Matt Fosker to celebrate local Aussie ingredients in a fun new way.


    • Souffle Pancakes are back!

      Matcha and Azuki Souffle Pancake

      Giant Japanese Souffle Pancakes are back at Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium in Darling Harbour.

      Launched on International Pancake Day (Tuesday, March 5), our new fun and yum Souffle Pancakes are available in three flavours! Matcha & Azuki, Cream Cheese top with Brown Sugar Pearls and the crowd favourite Crème Brûlée.

      The limited edition Souffle Pancakes are available only at Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium Darling Harbour on Saturday and Sunday’s 11 am – 3 pm.

      Please book a table here or see our friendly Darling Harbour team for availability. There is a limited number of pancakes available per hour.

    • Pork Belly Kakuni

      Our Pork Belly Kakuni has proven quite popular. It’s a special new Izakaya meal on our menu. But be quick. We expect many sumo in for lunch and they may not leave any for you.


    • Peanut Butter White Choc Gyoza

      It’s sweet. It’s petite. Peanuts folded into white chocolate and stuffed into a delicious dessert gyoza. Yum. Tell your mum. For a short time only.


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