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    • Christmas Special Gyoza

      Make your Seasons Greeting “arigato gozaimasu!” at Harajuku Gyoza. Because we have two new special gyoza to make you as jolly as a sumo. There’s Wasabi Wagyu beef gyoza. And for dessert, try our Fruit Mince gyoza with Brandy Cream. Yuletide yum!


    • New Vegetarian Dishes

      The happy little vegos might like to try these. Our special White Miso Salad with fried lotus chips and Tenpura Agenasu Eggplant wedges. Delicious!

      Vegetarian Meals

    • Special Grilled Kimuchi Pork Gyoza

      Happy news for customers who like it spicy and nicey. We have a new Grilled Kimuchi Pork Gyoza on the menu at Harajuku Gyoza. Call the Sapporo Fire Department!!


    • Special Lemongrass Chicken Gyoza

      There’s a new chicken gyoza rising quickly up the pecking order at Harajuku Gyoza. It’s our Lemongrass Chicken Gyoza special. So popular already our regular chicken may get the chop. But as we say in Japan, it is better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of an ox. Hey, that’s a good idea too. Oxtail gyoza. Hurry, hurry. Work on that, Chef-san! UPDATE: The Lemongrass Chicken Gyoza is no longer on the menu and has made way for another tasty special.


    • New Nutella Banana Gyoza

      Your appetite is bigger than Godzilla. It’s more like King Kong. Good news. We have new banana gyoza on the menu. Made even more special because it’s Nutella Banana gyoza. A dessert special served with icecream. A magic recipe with chocolate hazelnut spread and banana. We hope you’ll find it a-peeling. (That’s a bad joke but the gyoza is good.) It’s monkey magic at Harajuku Gyoza, for a short but a good time.


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