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    • 5 cute gyoza & sides that will look great on your Instagram feed!

      1. Limited edition Marshmallow Gyoza

      New super cute Marshmallow Gyoza

      Our new Marshmallow Gyoza first arrived on the menu April 1 2021. It is a crispy gyoza filled with pink or white marshmallow filling topped with even more marshmallows making it super cute and colourful. They are also served with a yummy housemade Nutella sauce. 
      Photo ideas: Try a Nutella dunk or pinch and stretch!

      2. Foot Long Fries

      3 trays of the cute and super popular Foot long fries

      The super popular Foot Long Fries are back after nearly a year off the menu! The mix, is carefully lowered into the fry oil and kept straight while cooking to create these loooong fries! Super fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside and drizzled with the popular Japanese-style mayonnaise. Don’t wait to try these, they won’t be around for long.

      Photo ideas: Hold up the longest chip against a beer or drink to show how long it is! Or take a boomerang of how many bites it takes to finish!

      3. Cheeseburger Gyoza

      Cute table spread with Cheeseburger gyoza in front.

      Our Cheeseburger gyoza are not only fun to look at, but they are also super yummy!
      Hand-filled with actual cheeseburger ingredients chopped up super small by our chefs. Try the Cheeseburger gyoza with Yoyogi’s Pale Ale beer! It’s super refreshing!
      Photo ideas: Try and hold one with chopsticks above the place!

      4. Mozzarella Gyoza

      Cute Mozzarella gyoza getting stretchy
      Picture by @asydneysider

      The Mozzarella Gyoza is a popular favourite! Crispy on the outside and super stretchy on the inside AND super yummy with the tomato relish! It’s also great for kids who aren’t used to Japanese flavours!
      Photo ideas: Stretch and pull as far as you can!

      5. Raindrop Cake

      Cute Raindrop cake sitting on a table

      The Raindrop cake is a super cute dessert! It is clear like a drop of rain and set with agar agar. It is served with traditional kinako powder (sesame powder) and brown sugar syrup.
      Photo ideas: Poke it to make it wobble! 

      Let’s get booking and try these cute gyoza!

      Dress to impress your Insta-followers, bring your friends and enjoy a fun, cute and Instagrammable Japanese feast at your favourite Harajuku Gyoza location! Tag us in your Instagram posts using #harajukugyoza @harajukugyoza to get featured in our stories! Click here to head to our Insta profile to follow us.

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