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    • Marshmallow Gyoza! Photo competition! Kawaii!

      The Marshmallow gyoza is our newest and most kawaii (cute in Japanese) dessert joining the menu on April 1st at all Harajuku Gyoza locations!

      Mashmallow filled dumplings on a plate, served with a nutella sauce

      Its crispy fried gyoza outside and sweet marshmallow filling inside makes it super cute and perfect for your Instagram feed. Served in plates of five, these gyoza are topped with marshmallows, a light dusting of icing sugar, and a side of Nutella sauce for only $10!

      The Marshmallow gyoza joins the popular dessert menu with the yummy Nutella Gyoza, Salty Caramel Gyoza, and the Raindrop cake.  

      Three girls dressed in bright Harajuku style clothing looking at a dessert

      Instagram photo competition

      Want to win a $100 voucher? Take part in our Marshmallow gyoza photo competition!

      Simply order a plate of the new marshmallow gyoza and share your most creative picture/video of it on Instagram and tag @harajukugyoza.

      One lucky winner will be drawn at the end of April and announced on our Instagram stories and below. Entrants must be following our Instagram page to be eligible.

      Let’s get snapping! Gambatte! (good luck)

      We have recently extended our trading hours! Check your favourite locations trading hours online and book.

      Harajuku girl holding up a cute phone for the Instagram competition

      Let’s learn some new Japanese words!

      Kawaii (かわいい): An expression often used to say something is cute, tiny, childlike, or loveable. Think of tiny dogs, cute characters made in your coffee foam, or pretty desserts! Some companies in Japan will cute kawaii characters or mascots to help their business seem more approachable.

      Gambatte (がんばって): Used in a similar way to good luck, do your best and break a leg to wish someone well or encouragement.

      Irasshaimase (いらっしゃいませ): Used in hospitality and shops to welcome their customers/guests. It means welcome/ please come into our store. How do you feel when you’re welcomed this way?

      Korroke (コロッケ): A yummy croquette, originating from French cuisine! Made with vegetables and meats with mashed potato and deep-fried. Usually served with a small side of cabbage and a rich sauce. Interesting fact: It’s written in Katakana as it’s a word/item that originates outside of Japan.

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    wrapping dumplings