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    • NEW: Sake Cocktails in Kawaii Teapots!

      We want to be your favourite place for a ladies day out with our new range of Sake Cocktails! And they’re even served in Instagrammable glass teapots!

      Just between us, we can’t tell if we’re more excited about the Sake Cocktails or all the cute pictures everyone will be taking of their kawaii teapots!  Your favourite flavoured cocktails have been reinvented using Kizakura Sake.

      Fill your teapots with yummy cocktails like:

      • Lychee Saketini – not only fun to say, but made with delicious Lychee liqueur and Kizakura sake shaken and garnished with Lychee!
      • Midori Charm – A fun fruit cocktail with Midori, Lychee Liqueur and Kizakura sake
      • Watermelon Sour – Made with Kizakura sake, Watermelon Liqueur, Lemon and lime juice and served with a slice of watermelon.
      • Plum Spritz – This one isn’t made with sake but is a delicious mix of Japanese Plum Wine and Prosecco and is super refreshing!

      These cocktails are perfect for sharing as you get 4 serves in each kawaii teapot. So visit your favourite Harajuku Gyoza today and see if you can choose a favourite!

      Bookings recommended; however, walk-ins are welcome. Harajuku Gyoza hopes to be your favourite venue for cute cocktails very soon!

      Book your visit here!


      What is sake?

      According to, sake is an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. While each sake may vary slightly, the foundation ingredients are rice, clean water, koji mould and yeast.

      There are a wide range of different styles of sake, these can vary in terms of how the rice polished, if alcohol added, whether it’s cloudy, clear or sparkling.

      We stock a range of Kizakura sake at Harajuku Gyoza including Yamahai, Junmai, Nigori and Junmai Daiginjo. Try the brand new Coconut Nigori or the Matcha Nigori! Chat to our team about the stake we have in stock.  Enjoy our sake ritual, if you have ordered before, you know what we are talking about!

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