Harajuku Gyoza | Japanese dumplings & beer | The fun place to party!
  • Yum! So Kawai!!

    Yum! So Kawai!!

    Try the new Marshmallow Gyoza!

  • Party with us at Harajuku Gyoza!

    Party with us at Harajuku Gyoza!

    You like to party? We do too!

    Enquire with us for your next special event or occasion!

  • Hungry like sumo?

    Hungry like sumo?

    Enjoy our Japanese dumplings, side dishes and bowls

    Book a table now!

  • Kampai to the weekend!

    Kampai to the weekend!

    Enjoy fresh Yoyogi Japanese craft beer on tap!

    Ask our team to try Yoyogi beer or cider today!

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